How To Combine The Creator, A Precious Garnet Stone & A Friends 90th Birthday in Poetry

I was asked to write a poem for my friend 90th birthday by her daughter. I have based the poem around the garnet stone, as garnet represents her ideal stone.  I hope to add this poem to my second book that I am in the process of writing, let me know what you think of it.

Precious ‘Garnet Stone’ For My Friend 90th Birthday

Your stone is garnet my friend, a little treasure, a precious stone,

hand crafted by the Lord our Creator with utmost care. You are the most valuable and rarest of all coloured gemstones. You are a phenomenal woman of distinction, beautiful and classical, shaped for significance, destined for longevity with boundless energy.  Emotionally and spiritually you are faceted for God’s Divine purpose.

At 90 you are blessed with your family, friends and many birthdays, entwined with grace and mercy. Your charm is like glowing embers warming a winter fireplace, sparkling with flashes of deep burgundy, with bright red and intense amber undertones. Durable and versatile, a unique keepsake, you are an everlasting favourite for family and friends.


You exude warmth and passion, highly esteemed, rich in rarities and illuminate in the darkest hour. Your skin sparkles without blemish or wrinkles and smooth like an expensive bottle of Chateaux Margaux. So precious you are worn close to the heart and promote balance and peace of mind. You are kind, loving and highly favoured like the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.

You are always well dressed and smiling like the flowers of Eden, wonderfully and beautifully adorned like a June rose. There is never a dull or blue moment in your presence. Have a scintillating birthday as you go forward into the future to your 100th birthday.