The Best Way To Self Care Away Loneliness Through Books, Prose, Dance & My Father’s Hymnal, My Mother’s Bible etc.

Here is a new poem about books and using them as my friends.


Here is a new poem about books and using them as my friends. Oprah Winfrey has a quote that’s speaks to how I feel about books rather well…

“Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and there discovered was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi.”- Oprah Winfrey

Here is my poem, feel free to let me know what you think, I appreciate feedback:


by Victoria Williams

Are you lonely and heavy laden with the toils of this world? I live alone but not lonely, I wake up in the morning, with no one to greet or share my smile. I pray, sing, read, study the word, dance and exercise but still no human being to converse with.

I decide to challenge the situation for 2018, I look on my book shelf I saw all my inanimate family and friends sitting there, waiting to communicate with me, just crying out ‘Speak to me, Speak to me’, I have something to urgently tell you.’

On my book shelf I saw my Mother, the family Bible, my Father the family Hymn book. They were reading and singing praises to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, hoping someone will pick them and join them to give thanks to God for another minute, another hour, another day.

Nearby was my instruments, organ, guitar, music books, with numerous songs written in different melodies waiting for me to play, dance, appreciate, and kill anxiety and loneliness. A vase nearby with beautiful flowers reminding me of Joseph coat of many colours and the beauty of creation.

My sisters, the books of history sitting there with memories of bye gone days and historical facts. My brothers the mathematicians reminding me of how short my time is on planet earth. May be three score years and ten or if health prevails eighty, not much time to dwell on loneliness.

My nephews and nieces in the form of Charity books reminding me of various charities how I can help less fortunate people, with a smile, a visit or a prayer partner to pray my way through. Grab a book and let it educate you, and take you to higher heights and deeper depths.

Don’t spend time with such a complex emotional person, as loneliness, time is passing by quickly; learn about other people and lands, the goodness of God and his promise never to leave us alone. Talk with your books, poetry, music, dance and loneliness will become a distant foe.

Loneliness will disappear as you turn the pages with passion and enthusiasm. Use your time to read stories that can transport your mind to faraway lands. See loneliness in a positive way as a book, not to be written but to be read and enjoy.

Remind yourself of the way you are compassed about by the great cloud of invisible witnesses like Abraham, Moses, Paul, John, Job, Enoch, Mother Theresa and many more that engage with you invisibly and spiritually.

If you feel lonely, think of Jesus alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. We too can pray loneliness to spur us into communicating with our silent friends. Why not overcome your loneliness using your books, poetry, dance, exercise and instruments as inanimate friends and great company for 2018.

How To Combine The Creator, A Precious Garnet Stone & A Friends 90th Birthday in Poetry

I was asked to write a poem for my friend 90th birthday by her daughter. I have based the poem around the garnet stone, as garnet represents her ideal stone.  I hope to add this poem to my second book that I am in the process of writing, let me know what you think of it.

Precious ‘Garnet Stone’ For My Friend 90th Birthday

Your stone is garnet my friend, a little treasure, a precious stone,

hand crafted by the Lord our Creator with utmost care. You are the most valuable and rarest of all coloured gemstones. You are a phenomenal woman of distinction, beautiful and classical, shaped for significance, destined for longevity with boundless energy.  Emotionally and spiritually you are faceted for God’s Divine purpose.

At 90 you are blessed with your family, friends and many birthdays, entwined with grace and mercy. Your charm is like glowing embers warming a winter fireplace, sparkling with flashes of deep burgundy, with bright red and intense amber undertones. Durable and versatile, a unique keepsake, you are an everlasting favourite for family and friends.


You exude warmth and passion, highly esteemed, rich in rarities and illuminate in the darkest hour. Your skin sparkles without blemish or wrinkles and smooth like an expensive bottle of Chateaux Margaux. So precious you are worn close to the heart and promote balance and peace of mind. You are kind, loving and highly favoured like the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.

You are always well dressed and smiling like the flowers of Eden, wonderfully and beautifully adorned like a June rose. There is never a dull or blue moment in your presence. Have a scintillating birthday as you go forward into the future to your 100th birthday.


Hello World! There’s Power in Poetry

Hello Folks

I am Victoria Williams. This is my first blog post ever!

I am a poet, speaker and performer and I want to share what I do with the world! I have performed at many places up and down the country.

I want to tell you about a recent performance of mine, I was invited by Mayor Lindsay a Nottingham based poet, to perform at an event called Power in Poetry by More Culture Recording Studio, held at Britannia Hotel, Nottingham on Saturday 28th October 2017.

I was told that ‘…It’s Going To Be Another Great Night Of Entertainment’ and it did not disappoint. This event was the fifth year’s Anniversary Celebration of Power in Poetry. Power in Poetry consists of a diverse mix of poets from around the globe dedicated to raising awareness and participation of Poetry. It is designed to motivate, encourage and inspire both young and old to write and perform poems and give them a platform in which to perform their work, with family, friends and the community at large.


I wore a dazzling purple sequinned asymmetric top, with black palazzo trousers and was feeling quite glamorous and ready to do my best. I was most privileged to perform poems from my book titled, New Horizons of Hope.

I was the first poet on the stage and the crowd was eagerly anticipating what was going to happen. I read my poem called ‘Ingland Wen Me Did Jus Come Here’ which was well received by the audience. Then I sat and watched the other talent performing that night, performers such as Mayor Lindsay, Empress P, Treamondo, Laurel Robinson, More Culture and the Proud Survivor Band, Joe Cook, Melika The Violinist and a Saxophonist.


In the second half I recited my recently penned poem called….

‘I WANT A MAN’The audience clapped and made wholeheap of noise! They especially liked the last line from my poem
‘Long Hair is possible if you can only be-weave’

the crowd erupted and gave me a standing ovation!

All in all the evening was very enthralling with a diversity of poet’s and musicians.