Angels, Principalities and Powers

These are a few of my thoughts on how the power of darkness is effecting the world.

This is a piece on my thoughts of the subject matter, I read the newspapers, watch the news, use social media and see so much problems going on in the world especially my beautiful island of Jamaica. I come to the conclusion that most of these problems are caused by Satan and his force fighting against Angels of Peace.
Angels these beings are created to serve God and His people, they warn us of God justice and judgments. Jude 1 v 6 . They were created to be our servants. There are some angels who are called principalities and power, these are also known as angels of the nations. There are angels assigned to every nation along with a band of lesser angels under them.
The bible calls them principalities in other word every nation in the world have one assigned to them by Satan, every country you can think of. Daniel 10 v 11. It was a problem that the angel assigned to the nation of Babylon. The trouble was that angels were fighting against the work of God and stopping the prayer of Daniel, these are principalities, they are called angels of darkness. These angels have power, Principalities influence laws and principles that control society.
A law is a principle; these angels are powerful beings that run countries, in a strange way. They influence laws that create principles by which people lives so they are called principalities. They deal with precepts in other words they get into the educational system and put principles in books through people who are influenced by them to believe Satan, so an entire nation of children are trained to think a certain way.
The educational dept can be dangerous area because demons are out to control with their principles. The media, TV music, books publications, these are full with principles. There is a threat of demonic powers. When you watch TV you will see the kind of principles that has been communicated through these products. Demons control people they try to tell people it is ok to go to witchcraft, palm readers, horoscope etc., for help. The devil will let you watch witchcraft for help.
Adultery is dressed up in suit and tie the sin is living in a palace you look at that and say it is nice to do evil. When you look at that you are fooled that you will become rich, your business prospers and over weeks there is a principle coming through your mind. You see one person getting married times and times again, man to man women to women, so if a husband and wife mess up it gives a principle and a law. It come into your mind by the visual and audio mechanism of TV.
The Bible say your thought becomes stronghold, and then it says we fight not against flesh and blood but against principalities and power and wicked spirits in high places through casting down imaginations and every high thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. You better mind what you watch on TV what music you listen to because Satan is at work, it is a principle there are people who are literally control by Satan unawares. Coll. 2 v 15 Eph 3 v 10, telling us God intended for all the spirits demons and anyone else to see His wisdom through the church. God is annoyed because of the devil nature in the church Eph 6 v12, what a powerful truth. Eph 2 v 2 this is the reason why we need to pray and intercede because over us in the air are thousands and thousands of demonic powers under control of principalities of this world.
Satan is using the principle on TV to portray that it is normal for people to choose to do wrongs. Today many of the soaps are portraying wrongs through principles..
Think of Sodom and Gomorrah, for a long time God did nothing about their sins. One day 2 angels of God went to visit, the city, God send his own people, the Bible said they went and stayed with Lot. Then Evil men young and old try to break down the door and told Lot we want the men who came in this house we want to lie with them. Lot came out and begged them to take his daughters they said No we want the men, now that is sin , that city is a mess, the bible say the angel say to Lot leave the city immediately for safety, but his wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. We are going to stand for righteousness and avoid the wrath of God.
Principalities rule cities that is why we need to meet to pray. Read 2 Chronicles 7 v 14 If my people who are called etc. The wholechristian fraternity should be out to prayer, we are not fighting flesh and blood we are fighting against principalities and powers in high places. There are demonic powers in our schools, colleges, universities work place, they work in education and you have one weapon to deal with them which is prayer. The Bible says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they are spiritual they are mighty through pulling down of stronghold.
There are demons everywhere and they are now working over time, we have to fight them in prayer and with the word, and spend time in fasting. We are dealing with stuff that food cannot handle, that is why we fast to put away those things of the flesh, so we can grab those things of the spirit to fight strongholds, we must deal with them with prayer. Jesus say Get behind me Satan resist the devil and he will flee. We cannot win without prayer.
Some of us have some break throughs and they will not come through until we spend time in prayer. We need to get mad, shut the door and rebuke Satan, curse him out in the name of Jesus. Demonic power works with principles, school books with a chapter called alternative lifestyles, it is a principle that the devil likes. We have educational system let’s pray for people with good morals on the school board,you cannot complain if you did not vote. Don’t sit there watching the soaps, let them put foolishness in our children’s head.
They decide everything in schools, learning about sex at age 7 should not be so when kids cannot even tie their shoe lace, they should be learniing things to help them get education for the future. We need to make sure the principles don’t run away with our children, we need to be there in decision making.
Lets pray because prayer works and greater is he in us than he that is in the world. Let us have confidence in the word of God and use it to fight principalities and powers in high places.

The Best Way To Self Care Away Loneliness Through Books, Prose, Dance & My Father’s Hymnal, My Mother’s Bible etc.

Here is a new poem about books and using them as my friends.

Here is a new poem about books and using them as my friends. Oprah Winfrey has a quote that’s speaks to how I feel about books rather well…

“Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and there discovered was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi.”- Oprah Winfrey

Here is my poem, feel free to let me know what you think, I appreciate feedback:


by Victoria Williams

Are you lonely and heavy laden with the toils of this world? I live alone but not lonely, I wake up in the morning, with no one to greet or share my smile. I pray, sing, read, study the word, dance and exercise but still no human being to converse with.

I decide to challenge the situation for 2018, I look on my book shelf I saw all my inanimate family and friends sitting there, waiting to communicate with me, just crying out ‘Speak to me, Speak to me’, I have something to urgently tell you.’

On my book shelf I saw my Mother, the family Bible, my Father the family Hymn book. They were reading and singing praises to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, hoping someone will pick them and join them to give thanks to God for another minute, another hour, another day.

Nearby was my instruments, organ, guitar, music books, with numerous songs written in different melodies waiting for me to play, dance, appreciate, and kill anxiety and loneliness. A vase nearby with beautiful flowers reminding me of Joseph coat of many colours and the beauty of creation.

My sisters, the books of history sitting there with memories of bye gone days and historical facts. My brothers the mathematicians reminding me of how short my time is on planet earth. May be three score years and ten or if health prevails eighty, not much time to dwell on loneliness.

My nephews and nieces in the form of Charity books reminding me of various charities how I can help less fortunate people, with a smile, a visit or a prayer partner to pray my way through. Grab a book and let it educate you, and take you to higher heights and deeper depths.

Don’t spend time with such a complex emotional person, as loneliness, time is passing by quickly; learn about other people and lands, the goodness of God and his promise never to leave us alone. Talk with your books, poetry, music, dance and loneliness will become a distant foe.

Loneliness will disappear as you turn the pages with passion and enthusiasm. Use your time to read stories that can transport your mind to faraway lands. See loneliness in a positive way as a book, not to be written but to be read and enjoy.

Remind yourself of the way you are compassed about by the great cloud of invisible witnesses like Abraham, Moses, Paul, John, Job, Enoch, Mother Theresa and many more that engage with you invisibly and spiritually.

If you feel lonely, think of Jesus alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. We too can pray loneliness to spur us into communicating with our silent friends. Why not overcome your loneliness using your books, poetry, dance, exercise and instruments as inanimate friends and great company for 2018.